Volunteering at The Youth Project

Why volunteer? The Youth Project relies on the time and energy of volunteers in order to continue the great programs we are able to offer. It is a great opportunity to give back to the community, mentor youth and meet new people. Volunteering can be both fun and rewarding!

What is expected of volunteers? The Youth Project is a youth serving agency. We expect volunteers to be professional and respect the policies and practices of the Youth Project. We expect volunteers to be responsible, reliable, and trusted mentors for youth. Finally, we expect volunteers to feel valued, appreciated and to have fun.

What experience do I need? Any experience you do have is valuable, but don’t worry if you don’t have any. We provide training. All we ask is that you are youth friendly, have an open mind, and are able to give us some of your time.

Do I have to be LGBTQ to be a volunteer? No. Allies are an important part of the community. We do not require volunteers to be LGBTQ. We value our straight allies. We want people who are LGBTQ supportive regardless of their own identity.

Click here to learn more about our volunteer process and download the application.


Current Monthly Volunteer Opportunities

Drop In (at the Youth Project)
3rd Tuesday of every month (date subject to change), 6-8pm
A social space for youth 25 and under to hangout, eat snacks, and make new friends.

Connect the Dots Facilitators – we are looking to expand our partnership with libraries across Nova Scotia, so if you are interested please contact nsyouthprojectvolunteers@gmail.com

Social support group for youth 18 & under focusing on sexual orientation & gender identity (and crafts!)

We are also interested in re-expanding our Connect the Dots program which is a drop-in social support group for youth 18 & under focusing on sexual orientation & gender identity (and crafts!). If you live in a community outside of Halifax and are passionate about helping to create and volunteer at an LGBTQ2S+ drop-in program like Connect the Dots, let us know!


Current Volunteer Opportunities

Special events: Queer Prom, GSA Conference, Pride

Special skills: looking for a hairdresser/barber who can offer hair cutting skills occasionally, also looking for folks interested in leading arts/music workshops