Student Placements

Student Placements

The Youth Project is open to providing students in various professional and youth-related programs with opportunities to do work placements. We welcome students who value the mission and principles of the organization and feel connected to the issues. In the past we have welcomed students from nursing, social work, child and youth care, administration, education, medicine and law.

Student Placement Process

In order to start your work as a placement student with the Youth Project we require that you have the following requirements met. These requirements ensure that placement students are confident and ready to work and are thoroughly screened and adequately trained to represent the Youth Project. This also ensures the safety of both the placement student and the youth members as well as the respect and reputation of the Youth Project.

1. Student Placement Application

This application has been designed to assess if the student will be a good fit for the Youth Project. Placements at the Youth Project are primarily self directed, with the Youth Project staff providing supervision, support, resources, and direction. In the application, placement students are required to list important information pertaining to their program, outline goals and objectives for their placement, and write a project proposal. This will provide the Youth Project staff supervisor with the information they need to guide the student throughout their placement. Please download the application here. You may scan and e-mail the application to or mail it to: The Youth Project 2281 Brunswick Street Halifax, NS B3K 2Y9 Ultimately, having a successful placement with the Youth Project is the responsibility of the placement student. As such, we require students that apply be organized, possess excellent communication skills, have the ability to work independently and with others, and possess the confidence to take initiative.

2. Interview

Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview. We will go over the student’s application and further assess if the student will have a successful placement at the Youth Project. This is also an opportunity for the student to assess whether a self directed placement is a good fit for them. We encourage questions about the placement and what it means to be part of the Youth Project team.

3. Placement Student Training

Once the student has been accepted as a placement student with the Youth Project, they will undergo training. This training is designed to introduce placement students to the ins and outs of the Youth Project. Topics include language, boundaries and ethics, policy and procedures, and how to handle difficult situations. Additional training may be required for certain roles the student might have during their placement.

4. Background Check

The Youth Project works with youth under the age of 16 as well as those in vulnerable situations. As a result we require that all placement students, over the age of 19 undergo a criminal background check as well as a child abuse registry check. The cost of these should be covered by the placement student and they must be completed. The criminal records check is done online. An e-mail invitation will be sent to you in order to proceed. The child abuse registry check is filled out on paper by the placement student.

5. Confidentiality and Code of Conduct Sign-Off

The Youth Project requires that all volunteers and staff read and understand the confidentiality agreement as well as the code of conduct policy and sign-off on it. This is in place to further protect the youth members. These are two very important policies at the Youth Project. Sign-off confirms that you understand and agree to the terms of the policy. Failure to adhere to policy may result in the termination of the placement.

6. Placement Begins

Once all the steps have been completed students will be begin their placement. The placement is agreed upon by the placement student, placement student advisor, and Youth Project staff advisor. The Youth Project staff advisor will provide support, resources, direction and monitor the progress of the student throughout their placement.

7. Placement Conclusion

It is the students responsibility to meet the requirements outlined by their program. As outlined in the application, placement students are expected track and complete the hours required for their placement, meet their goals and objectives, and complete their proposed project.