The Youth Board

At the Youth Project, we believe that youth should have the power and decision-making abilities to determine the kinds of programs and services that we offer. After all, who better to know what youth need and want than youth! To accommodate this, we have a Youth Board comprised solely of youth who make these important decisions and build community. It works separately but alongside the Board of Directors and staff. Here is a rundown of the Youth Board. We are always looking for individuals who are interested in contributing to their community.

What is the Youth Board?

The Youth Board is one of the governing bodies of the Youth Project. The Youth Board works with the staff and the Board of Directors to ensure that the Youth Project continues to provide programs and services that meet the needs of queer youth in Nova Scotia. The Youth Board:

  • Is responsible for any programming decisions at the Youth Board that they wish to take on, in partnership with the Board of Directors and the staff
  • Is made up of youth aged 15-25 who use the Youth Project’s services or would like to but have found them inaccessible. 
  • Has control over a budget for dances, parties, retreats, whatever we decide!
  • Is open to any youth who are interested in joining.

Who is on the Youth Board?

The Youth Board is comprised solely of youth 15-25 across Nova Scotia who are interested in making decisions in programming and having a say in how the Youth Project is run. If you are younger and are interested in joining, please let us know! We will find a way to get you involved even if you are not a voting member. Youth Board members can be any youth who has participated in Youth Project services/programs (groups, counselling, retreats, etc.) or who would like to in the future. There will also always be extra spaces left open for groups the Youth Project has historically failed to serve (trans feminine folks, BIPOC, two-spirit folks, etc.) So whether you have participated for years, just came by once, or just find the idea interesting, you can get involved with the Youth Board!

Why should I join?

We need your ideas. We need to know what you like, what you hate, and what you wish the Youth Project would do more of. There are lots of exciting new projects going on, and more we could be doing. We need members in order to make it work. Besides the regular weekly programs, the Youth Board plans our big annual events, such as the queer prom and some pride events. We also plan special events, such as guest speakers and workshops. If you want to take on a leadership role and be more active in the community, check it out. Being a Youth Board member gives you leadership, training, and self-development opportunities. It also offers volunteer hours that look great on resumes or college applications!

What does it take to Join?

If you have some time to spare, some energy and some great ideas, that is all you need! If you’re afraid you don’t have the skills or experience, don’t worry about it. You can learn these things while you are on the Youth Board. Just by wanting to be involved with the Youth Project, you are already qualified. Please follow the google form link below to sign up!