Resources & Information

On this page, you’ll find resources produced by our team here at the Youth Project. Resources are displayed from most to least recent and are sorted into Graphic Resources, Audio Resources and Playlists, Plain-Text Resources, and Interactive Resources.

Graphic Resources

Beautifully illustrated, booklet-style resources filled with images, text, and drawings for enjoyment and education.

Anti-Racism Considerations for Programming/Outreach/Resource Development

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“The Nova Scotia Youth Project has developed a digital resource to be used by service providers, organizations, and businesses who work closely with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) youth. The Anti-Racism Considerations for Programming, Outreach, and Resource Development is a compiled list of current best practices, often utilized in grassroots and community based organizations who work with historically excluded and underserved youth. The goal of this checklist is to provide a tangible and accessible entryway for service providers to platform anti-racism in their communities and workplaces.”

This document was created by The Youth Project, in consultation with The Khyber Centre for the Arts and MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning.

Plain Text Version: [LINK]

Chosen Family Resource

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Topics: What is Chosen Family? Community Connection, Setting Boundaries, Consent, Honest & Gentle Communication.

Recommended Age: 12+

Peace and Friendship: Treaties and Treaty Day

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October 2022

Topics: Treaties, Mi’kma’ki, Indigenous, History,  Solidarity, Sovereignty 

Length: 80 pages

Recommended age: 12-17+

Plain-text available here.

National Indigenous People’s Day

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June 2022

Topics: Indigeneity, Femininity, Two-Spirit, Resilience, Activism, Reclaiming

Length: 20 pages

Recommended age:  12+

Credit: Brandon Hoax, Calendula Sack, Raven Davis, Arielle Twist, Kyra Gilbert

Plain Text Version: [LINK]

Black Leaders, Visionaries & Advocates from our Pasts & Presents

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March 2022


Length: 24 pages

Recommended age: 12+

Plain text available here.

Dreaming New Worlds: Stories of Pride

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December 2022

Topics: Pride, Legacies, Coming Out, Queer and Trans Identity

Length: 13 pages

Credit: @zo_onthego, Nyx Hirtle, Daisy Graham, Al Cusack, Jay, Kris Reppas, Oli Oldfield, Nik Basset, Tobias Hayes

Recommended age: 12+

Stories of Our Black Experiences: Amplifying 2SQTBIPOC Voices

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February 2021

Topics: 2SQTBIPOC Voices, Black Queer Experiences, Racism, African Nova Scotian, Self Love

Length: 24 pages

Credit: Teo Ferguson, Jade Byard Peek, Ethan Adams, Aaliyah Paris, Joe Smith, Micheal Davis Cole

Navigating Queerness and Faith

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December 2020

Topics: Religion, Queer Faith, Rituals, Family, Boundaries, Community

Length: 24 pages

Recommended age: 12+


Audio Resources and Playlists

Resources that you can listen, dance, walk, and move to.

Project Press Play 2

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Recommended age: 

Length: 1 hr 19 min

Topics: Black healing, Joy, Anthems

Credit: Bria Symonds, Aaliyah Paris, Kate Macdonald

Project Press Play

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Recommended age: 

Length: 1 hr 13 min

Topics: Black healing, Joy, Music, Movement, Community

Credit: Aaliyah Paris, Kate Macdonald

Plain-Text Resources

Simply laid out, screen reader compatible, plain-text resources and lists.

Settler Responsibility: “Land Back – No Liberation on Stolen Land”

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Last modified June 2022

Recommended age:

Length: 13 pages

Topics: Indigeneity, Cross-Cultural Solidarity, Settler, Land and Title, Two-Spirit

Anti-Racist Solidarity Resources

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Last modified September 2021

Recommended age: 

Length: 5 pages

Topics: Anti-Black Racism, Anti-Indigenous Racism, Allyship, Protests, Anti-Racist Parenting and Schooling, Abolition, Local Activists

In Solidarity with Colombia and Palestine

Find resources here and plain text here.

Last modified June 2021

Recommended age:

Length: 8 pages

Topics: Settler Colonialism, Palestine, Colombia, Pinkwashing, Anti-Zionism, 2SLGBTQIA+

Treaty Day 2021

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October 2021

Recommended age: 17+

Length: 11 pages

Topics: Treaties, Indigenous Sovereignty, Settler Colonialism, History, Solidarity and Settler Responsibility

Interactive Resources

These interactive resources are intended as educational tools to learn and practice pronoun use and avoiding misgendering.

Pronouns Matter & Misgendering Hurts

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Date: 2021

Length: 2 pages

Topics: Pronouns, gender identity, language, allyship