Gender-Affirming Items

Note: There is currently a lengthy waitlist for some of our gender affirming items, with wait times of up to 3 months depending on size and style requested. Orders continue to be filled in order of receiving as we receive supply. If you have any questions or concerns about the wait time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

The Youth Project provides a variety of gender affirming items to youth in need throughout the province of Nova Scotia. In order to qualify, you are:

  • A Two Spirit, Trans, Non-Binary, or Gender Questioning Youth
  • 25 or under
  • Living in Nova Scotia, or a resident of Nova Scotia
  • Unable to purchase this item on your own (for any reason)

At the moment, our program currently provides the following items:

  • Chest Binders
  • Packers
  • Trans Tape
  • Gaffs
  • Breast Forms

To Apply to our program, please fill this form [HYPERLINK]:

Important information to know:

  • Forms that are incomplete/incorrect will need to be followed up on, and therefore take longer to ship. Take your time in filling in the form!
  • Orders are sent in plain manila or white postal envelopes, with no indication of what’s inside. The YP’s return address will be present on the envelope.
  • Please ensure the name you provide is safe to receive mail under.
  • If you do not know your required size, please check out the sizing information below.

Sizing Charts

Note: for all of these size charts, you will need a flexible measuring tape. If you do not have access to one, you can use a piece of string around the body part you are measuring, then compare the length of string to a non-flexible measuring tape, ruler, or printable ruler (which can be found here [HYPERLINK]:


Our binders come from a variety of sources, such as our in-house seamstress, GC2B, and Underworks. Due to this, we prefer measurements being sent over what size you are, as it will vary between brands. First, take a snug measurement around your ribcage with a tape measure. Next, take another measurement over the fullest part of your chest. These are the two measurements needed to fill out the form. For a visual guide, this website [HYPERLINK] has an image, which shows the measurements you need as numbers 2 and 4.


Our gaffs are from Origami customs. In order to find out your best fit, please measure yourself based off of their size guide, found here [HYPERLINK]: You will need to size based off of your high hip and low hip measurements.

Breast forms:

In order to provide the best breast form size for you, we use band size measurements. To find out your band size, please measure around your ribs directly below your chest tissue. This measurement in inches will be your band size. To get a more accurate fit/a full bra size and not just your band size, you can use [HYPERLINK] which has a calculator as well as a measuring guide.

Purchasing Information

If you wish to purchase a binder, packer, gaff, trans tape, or breast forms locally, you can do so at Venus Envy [HYPERLINK]: (Online or In-Store)

For binders, you can purchase them through online retailers such as [HYPERLINK] Underworks or [HYPERLINK] GC2B.

For gaffs, you can purchase them through the online retailer [HYPERLINK] Origami Customs.

For Trans-Tape, you can purchase it through the online retailer [HYPERLINK] TransTape.



Gaff Sizes, Wear and Care information sheet

Safer Tucking Brochure 


Safer Binding Brochure

Binder Wear & Care Sheet

Bind Safe — The Get REAL Movement

Please note that we are in the process of updating our GAI resources; stay tuned for more!