AGM 2018

Annual Awards

Thanks to all who joined us for the 2018 Annual General Meeting! You can access the 2017-2018 Report here on the AGM Reports Page. 





2018 Awards & recognitions! Every year the YP awards people, organizations and initiatives doing outstanding work in making Nova Scotia a safer, happier and healthier place for LGBTQ2+ youth! This year it was our pleasure to recognize… 

Volunteers of the Year: We give this award to YP volunteers who display an outstanding commitment to the organization, and to creating safer spaces for LGBTQ2+ youth. 

1) Sam King: Sam has been a dedicated volunteer, offering their time, energy and efforts to many programs and special events, as well as generously providing free haircuts at our evening programs!

2) The Valley Youth Project team: The VYP team giving us their time and passion is the entire reason the Valley Youth Project exists! Tim, Mylene and Krista are the ones who host our Valley Drop-ins, offer local education, and have even expanded their drop-in space this year! Youth in the Valley have benefitted greatly from their presence and we’re a better organization because of them <3.


Community Spirit Award, given to partners of the YP who support our work:

1)The Halifax Libraries. The YP has been privileged to have an ongoing partnership with The Halifax Libraries, including their support of Connect the Dots programs, our co-hosted Pride events, having relevant and wide-ranging LGBTQ information on the shelves for youth to read, their wonderful teen services staff, and more! We look forward to more projects with the libraries and thank them for all the awesome things we’ve done so far!



2) The Ally Centre of Cape Breton: The Ally Center was nominated by our staff for their support and dedication to our organization, giving us the support and resources to eventually establish a home in Cape Breton with our YP Cape Breton office space, and better serve youth on the island. Thank you for your commitment to LGBTQ2+ people, we are very proud to work alongside you in helping our community. 

Rainbow Apple Award: Given to a teacher/educator who does outstanding work in making their school communities a better space.

1) Jenna Kennedy: Jenna is an educator in the Yarmouth area. Her school has hosted GSA mini-conferences, pride events, and more.  Jenna is always creating opportunities for students to connect, learn, support each other and create something amazing together. 

2) Joni Mattie: Joni is a health nurse in the Guysborough area who has worked hard to support GSAs, and LGBTQ2+ students!

Allyship Award:
Given to an individual or organization who has demonstrated an ongoing committment to LGBTQ2+ youth.

Denise Friars: Denise Friars is a guidance counselor at Gorsebrook junior high! The level of care and support she shows her students is, in her words, “an important part of the job”, but she consistently goes above and beyond to bring students opportunities for engagement, support and celebration. We feel many students are living in a better world because of Denise, and the school GSA is an outstanding group of students who do amazing things for their school.




Nadine Babineau Memorial Award: We give this award to GSAs or schools that demonstrate an outstanding committment to safer education spaces for LGBTQ2+ youth.  This award is named after Nadine Babineau, a gay teacher who believed strongly in the power of education to make a difference.

Allison Bernard Memorial High School Gender/Sexuality Alliance in Eskasoni: The GSA was nominated by our staff for your amazing year(s) as a GSA! From their involvement in the GSA Conference for Indigenous youth, to their provincial award recognition for their work all year round, we feel they have worked hard to make the school and community a great place for LGBTQ2+ youth. What they do matters, to them and to the youth around them who needed to see
role models and mentors lead the way. 

Youth Leadership Award: Given to LGBTQ2+ youth who have demonstrated outstanding leadership.

1) Allo G: Allo stepped up to educate their peers in schools when asked to speak to classes about LGBTQ issues, homophobia and transphobia, and more!

2) Kai H: Kai is the major reason and passion behind his school getting a GSA!


Join us for The Youth Project’s Annual General Meeting of 2018! Come and see the amazing, jam-packed year we’ve had, and look toward our next year.

Snacks and drinks provided.

June 28th, Thursday
2281 Brunswick Street
All welcome.