To inquire and book a workshop with the Youth Project, please email the Education Coordinator, at

Classroom Workshops

We tailor workshops to our audience and their grade level, in order to provide information and generate discussion around sexual orientation and gender identity that is relevant and useful while also addressing grade specific curriculum outcomes.  Our workshops are interactive and we encourage questions. We can work with any grade level and customize workshops to address particular issues that you may be dealing with at your school. 

 With financial support from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development we are able to offer our services at no cost to schools.

Generally, at the junior high and high school levels we discuss and explain issues around sexual orientation and gender identity, differentiate between sex assigned at birth and gender identity, and explain what it means to be transgender. We discuss homophobia and transphobia and examine the impact they have on everyone.  We also provide strategies for creating a safer school environment and becoming a more inclusive ally.

At the elementary school level, we discuss gender roles and encourage the challenging of stereotypes. We promote the recognition of our communities’ rich diversity and encourage embracing and appreciating differences in ourselves and others. The grade five curriculum outcomes include an understanding of sexual orientation, which we can cover for the higher grades within elementary schools.

Professional Development

We are committed to providing professionals, university programs and organizations with sessions that cover issues of sexual orientation and gender identity as well as areas unique to each work environment. The length and audience of the session will determine the topics that will be covered. Sessions are designed to meet the needs of the group and may include the following areas:

Homophobia Heterosexism
Transphobia Counselling LGBTQ Youth
Counselling Trans Youth Creating Safe Spaces
Becoming an Ally Lesson Planning
Policy Development Inclusive Practice
Overcoming Barriers Community Development
Creating Safe Schools Gay/Straight Alliances
Coming Out Gender Transitioning

The Youth Project uses a participant centered, interactive and practical approach to education. Activities and exercises are developed that engage participants in discussion, action, and sharing, and build on input from the experiences of the participants. Exercises are designed to be practical and provide information and skills easily transferable to everyday practices whether in the classroom, in the office, or in a group home.

Length of sessions: Training can be provided from a half-day to two full days. Depth of issues depends on length of session. A typical session is one day.

Cost: The Youth Project is flexible about rates and works on a scale relative to a group’s resources.

Continued support: The Youth Project is committed to continued support to organizations and individuals through resources, consultations and further training.


The Youth Project provides service providers and educators with information, strategies and resources about creating safer spaces, dealing with homophobia and transphobia, and working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. We can help with policy reviews and development, provide an assessment of inclusivity, or review materials.