LGBTQ Valentines

Jan. 16th, 2017

Authored by: YP Staff


Seeking some LGBTQ+ Valentines for your friends and family (both biological and/or chosen!)?. Last year, we created some Valentines greetings with LGBTQ+ positive messages (…and some puns) to celebrate different kinds of relationships, and put a little LGBTQ+ visibility to a day that’s mostly focused on heteronormativity.  We’ve uploaded them all into a PDF document you can download it below, OR get them individually on our Facebook page.

Did you know Valentine’s Day isn’t the only Feb.14th holiday? It’s also Pink Triangle Day!


In 1979, the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition declared an Annual Gay Holiday to be held every year on February 14th. Although that day was usually commemorated as Valentine’s Day, the delegates wanted to take this opportunity to challenge what Christopher Isherwood has called the “heterosexual dictatorship” by affirming for ourselves and for the world, the existence, the strength, and the beauty of queer love.

Pink Triangle Day was never intended to be a gay/lesbian copy of Valentine’s Day. Rather its focus was to celebrate the wide ranging diversity of gay and lesbian relationships within our community. It was not only acceptable, it was encouraged, to extend good wishes to ALL of the significant people in your life. Your friends and your family (chosen and/or biological) as well as that very special someone should all receive Happy Pink Triangle Day greetings. While Valentine Day greetings are overwhelmingly focused on couple-dom, Pink Triangle Day provides us with an opportunity to acknowledge the value, the importance and the central role which non-sexual relationships play in most of our lives.



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