TransMosaic 2017 Names!

Authored by: YP Staff

Each year, the YP nominates people doing positive work in the transgender community. Together, we paint tiles and add them to our growing mosaic in the main room of The Youth Project! We do this during the month of November to recognize Trans Awareness Week and the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

We’re holding an open community event to celebrate our 2017 additions. These people, organizations and initiatives were nominated by trans and non-binary youth, and you are welcome to help us usher in these new additions to the mosaic:

TransMosaic 2017!

Oliver Oldfield
Oliver is a youth board member, and an active member of his school’s GSA (as well as many other initiatives and groups!). Oliver dedicates his time, energy and passion into making safer spaces for trans and gender non-conforming youth, from public speaking to organizing trans awareness events at his school. Thanks Oliver!

Dr. Mokashi
Dr. Mokashi is a pediatric endocrinologist, and is being recognized for her ongoing commitment to the health and wellness of transgender youth!

Erin Poirier
Erin is a fantastic teen health nurse! She is being recognized for her ongoing commitment to trans youth health, wellness and inclusion in schools. Erin is a consistent and strong advocate for trans rights, and many students have had a positive and welcoming school experience because of Erin.

Founded in 2015, gc2b is a trans owned and operated company based in Maryland. gc2b’s founder, CEO, and designer saw that the only options available for binders were designed for cis men. Using their experience as a Philly U Arts grad in industrial design, they committed to providing accessible, comfortable, and safe binding options designed for trans people, by trans people.

Sam Gregan
Sam is a youth board member, GSA member, and has been advocating for transgender rights since his jr. high years. He was also a recipient of a NS Human Rights Award for his LGBTQ+ work in schools, and with the YP. Thanks Sam!

Laura Shepherd
Laura is a local activist and a strong voice for transgender rights, employment, inclusion and respect. She has been a longtime challenger of transphobia, and we would like to thank her for her work.

Stef Sanjati
Stef Sanjati is an openly transgender YouTuber and makeup artist, whose videos include trans-focused topics. Her videos are loved by many, including transgender youth who find a positive and uplifting presence in her work.

Tom Phelan
After years spent acting with a local theater company, Tom Phelan’s affinity for the craft was obvious to his mother, who informed him of an audition for ABC Family’s popular show The Fosters. He landed the part of Cole, whose foster-kid hardships were amplified by the struggle of being a transgender teen

Caden Hebb
Caden is a youth board member, GSA member and advocate for trans rights at the university level, as he’s currently a student at SMU. He is being recognized for his ongoing commitment to trans rights. Thanks Caden!

Hope S.
Hope is a YP youth who has been a valued presence at our events and summer programs, involved in her community in many different ways. She’s an advocate for trans issues and the community, especially challenges that face trans women and girls.

Join us on:
Wednesday, November 29th
2281 Brunswick street
This event is open to the community
Snacks and drinks provided.



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