GSA Conference FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for parents, guardians and educators.

What is the GSA Conference?
This is a one-day conference for students in junior high and high school who are members of a GSA, or interested in learning new skills to take back to their schools & community.

What will students be learning?
Students will have their choice of 2-3 workshops for the day, ranging in topics from arts, theatre, leadership, organizing, presentation skills, and discussion groups. Our workshops are centered on making safer spaces for youth of all orientations and identities. Some workshops will be student-only, educator-only, and some are open to both students and educators.

Is it supervised?
Yes. Youth Project staff and volunteers are present for the day, as will educators and teachers from schools across Nova Scotia. Many students will be attending with their teachers & advisors (though this is not mandatory to attend).

Do youth need to bring money or food?
Registration for the conference is free. We are providing lunch, drinks and snacks, and ask for dietary information on the registration form so we can meet everyone’s needs. Students are welcome to bring snacks if they need them, HOWEVER they MUST be nut-free because of allergy concerns. There may be info booths selling books and resources, but those are optional!

Is the information presented age-appropriate?
Yes. Our workshop topics are chosen by Youth Project staff and youth leaders, and center on issues relevant to their lives. Information presented isn’t outside the level of education within their school curriculum.