Special General Meeting

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Title: Special General Meeting
Start Date: Saturday, Feb. 15th, 2020
End Date: Saturday, Feb. 15th, 2020
Start Time: 2:00 pm
End Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Halifax Central Library, Room 301

Special General Meeting

Over the past year, The Youth Project has gone through a great period of transition and growth. We have hired new amazing staff, increased our services, and the staff have formed a union. To continue this essential growth, the organization will be seeking an external body to help transition the Youth Project through a restructuring process to further support staff and expand our services and accessibility for youth across Nova Scotia.

With this ongoing restructuring process, the Board of Directors have recognized the need to increase its current capacity as well as skills within the Board of Directors. While there has been a lot of progress this year, the workload has been greatly increased for the Board, which has exceeded the capacity of the current board members. As a result, the current Board will be stepping down and resigning as of the Special General Meeting on February 15th. Through this SGM, we are looking to elect a new interim Board with the skills necessary to continue this process of restructuring. This interim Board would be voted in by the community membership – with the term lasting until the Annual General Meeting in June, 2020.

We invite members of the community who have skills, knowledge and experience within organizational change, and have the capacity to sit on a working board with a high volume of activity, to join the Board of Directors. As well, we invite members of the community to come out to hear more about the progress made this year, and who are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible by voting in and supporting the Interim board.


The Youth Project Board of Directors

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