Extraordinary General Meeting

Event Info

Title: Extraordinary General Meeting
Start Date: Saturday, Nov. 24th, 2018
End Date: Saturday, Nov. 24th, 2018
Start Time: 5:00 pm
End Time: 8:00 pm
Location: The Glitter Bean

Extraordinary General Meeting

You are invited to the Youth Project’s Extraordinary General Meeting!

Learn about the Youth Project’s restructuring process, provide feedback, and help us imagine a future that holds space for all of us.

Community members who are interested in supporting the Youth Project’s future are invited to join as members of the Youth Project society at our upcoming meeting. Members are asked to arrive early to sign in (with name/address) in order to have voting status at the meeting.


1. Land Acknowledgement
2. Welcome and introductions
3. Meeting purpose, principles and agenda
4. Current context: Presentations of board meeting and survey data
5. Community Conversation
6. Confirm new Directors
7. Any other business
8. Gratitude and closing
9. De-briefing with youth

Glitter Bean is a wheelchair accessible cafe that works to provide safer spaces for queer, trans, and two-spirit folks. To request childcare or ASL services, please email education@youthproject.ns.ca

This event is facilitated by Brave Space

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