2020 Summer Camps

New, Virtual Camps

Camp Coyote registration is now OPEN! Click here to register!

What is Camp Coyote? Camp Coyote is a chance to get together with other non-binary and trans-identified youth from across Nova Scotia to share experiences, spend time in a safe space, meet new people, and experience camp free of gender expectations.

Dearest Youth Project Community,

It has been so special to work alongside you as we have transitioned to online programming and services – thank you for your patience, understanding, and incredible feedback as we all navigate this uncertain time. We have felt so encouraged, motivated, and inspired by your brilliance.

After thorough consultation with our staff, Youth Board, and Board, we have decided to host our summer camps digitally. We understand that this may feel disappointing for many, as we understand how important and exciting camp can be. This decision comes from a place of deep care for you, our volunteers, and our staff; we want to make sure that everyone feels as safe as possible and that we all work to reduce any spreading of COVID-19. We agree that sleeping in small cabins and facilitating activities with 50+ youth from all over the province is too high risk for us and also currently violates Nova Scotia Health Authority guidelines. 

Although camp will look a lot different this year, we are thrilled to bring our creative gay sparkle and pizazz into creating an online space that celebrates you, builds space for meaningful connection, and is full of magic. 

Camp Seahorse will happen on zoom Thursday July 2nd – Saturday July 4th. We will be offering a concentration of workshops, events, activities, and some fun surprises! Usually camp is for people under 20, but due to our online forum, the difficulty in confirming ages of participants, and the importance of community right now – we are now accepting registration from anyone 25 and under. 

Although we have funders, we still rely on the generosity and care of our community in order to continue providing the crucial programs and services we offer to queer and trans youth like our camp programs. If you have capacity to donate to camp to pay facilitators, artists, and help supplement materials cost please click HERE.

Camp Coyote is scheduled for Saturday August 1st – Monday August 3rd, registration can be found HERE.

All our love, 

The Youth Project staff