Volunteer Process

Volunteering Process

Download Volunteer Application

Step 1: Check to see what volunteer positions are available.
The Youth Project will post when volunteer positions are available at https://youthproject.ns.ca/volunteer/

Step 2: Volunteer Application
Please only submit the volunteer application for advertised positions.

Scan and email your form to: [email protected]

Step 3: Interview
A volunteer interview will be conducted in order to get to know more about the applicant and to assess suitability for the position they’ve applied for. This interview is normally conducted by a Youth Project staff member and a member of the Youth Board.

Step 4: New Volunteer Training
This training is designed to introduce new volunteers to the ins and outs of volunteering for the Youth Project. Topics include language, boundaries and ethics, policy and procedures, and how to handle difficult situations. After volunteers attend this training, they will eligible for applied position.

Step 5: Background Check
The Youth Project works with youth under the age of 16 as well as those in vulnerable situations. As a result, we require that all volunteers undergo a criminal background check as well as a child abuse registry check.

The Youth Project covers all costs for the background check.

The criminal records check is done online. An e-mail invitation from MyBackCheck will be sent to you in order to proceed. The child abuse registry check is filled out on paper by the volunteer and mailed in by the Youth Project.

Step 6: Confidentiality and Code of Conduct Sign-Off
The Youth Project requires that all volunteers and staff read and understand the confidentiality agreement as well as the code of conduct policy and sign-off on it. This is in place to further protect the youth members and the volunteer. These are two very important policies at the Youth Project. Sign-off confirms that you understand and agree to the terms of the policy. You will receive copies of these at your volunteer training.

Step 7: Additional Training
Depending on what role volunteers take on, there may be some additional training required. This can include facilitation, suicide intervention, empathic listening, etc.

Step 8: Placement
Once all the steps have been completed volunteers will be placed in their volunteer position. This position is agreed upon by the volunteer and Youth Project staff.

This position may change over time requiring additional training.