Meet the Youth Board

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Oliver Oldfield

“Oliver is a 19 year old gay and trans youth, born and raised here in Halifax. He is currently in his first year at the University of King’s College, taking the Foundation Year Programme and pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. Currently the secretary of the Youth Board, Oliver has been involved with the Youth Project for a number of years and considers the Youth Project to be his home. He wishes to inspire other queer youth to live authentic, passionate lives and to tell his story through his artistic works.”

Dre Taylor

“Dre is 20 years old, and he is a student attending his third year at Dalhousie University in architecture program. Dre has been part of the Youth Board since February 2016, and has the position of the Social Chair on the Youth Board. Dre loves the Youth Project because it gives him a place to have fun and do good for the LGBTQ+ community.”


Alexander Colaiacovo

“Xander is an 18 year old trans and queer youth from Dartmouth. He is currently studying a variety of subjects at Dalhousie University. Xander has been involved with the Youth Project since 2016 and is currently co-chair of the Youth Board. He can often be found wasting time in various libraries, playing with his dogs, or doing an absurd amount of math.”


Hayden O’Malley

“Hayden is an 18 year old non-binary youth who grew up in Spryfield, Nova Scotia. Having joined the Youth Board in January 2018, they currently serve as the treasurer. Outside of the Youth Project, they are the Volunteer Coordinator for Halifax Pride, and is a member of the deaf/HOH community. Their interests include horror movies, dry humour, and drinking an obscene amount of coffee.”

Caitlin Denny

“Caity is a 17 year old queer youth from Spryfield, Nova Scotia. She has been a member of the Youth Board for a year and has been attending Youth Project events for 5 years. She currently attends J.L. Ilsley High School. She has done work with several GSAs. She desires to make sure the Youth Project is a safe space for everyone, as it has been for her.”


Levi Brown

“Levi is currently a student at Dalhousie University studying Mathematics. Outside of school, Levi coaches a local swim team, as well as lifeguards. He has been attending Youth Project events for a number of years, and is passionate about improving LGBTQ+ representation and accessibility in sport.”


Kiera Newsome

“Kiera is a 15-year-old trans woman who currently attends Rocky Lake Junior High. She is in charge of her schools GSA and is very active in the LGBT community. Some of the things she enjoys are camping, swimming, reading and participating in the cadet program as she is an Army cadet. She also enjoys playing both the piano and french horn. Kiera has been a member of the youth board since 2019.”