Queer Prom!

Prom 2017

Queer Prom!

Get your hair slicked back and your poodle skirt on, it’s a retro 1950s time warp. Come to the sock hop, have a milkshake at Pop & Pop’s Soda Shoppe, and maybe win the hula-hoop dance competition?! Join us for a bigger ballroom this year (!!), so more space to dance, hang out, and even some games to play that celebrate our often-erased queer & trans heroes from history, because queer has always been here!

Queer Prom is open to LGBTQ+ youth (ages 19 and under), who are welcome to bring along their allies (who are 19 & under). We will ask for ID if necessary.

Queer Prom is absolutely a drug- and alcohol-free space, no exceptions. Anyone violating the rules will be removed. Prom is chaperoned by hired security, Youth Project staff and volunteers.

Friday, June 23rd
$5.00 admission*
Hotel Atlantica – 1st Floor Ballroom
1980 Robie Street, Halifax.


Prom Songs

Give us your prom song requests
  • We'll try our best to play all requests! Clean versions only :D

Is this your graduating year? Got your GED? Didn’t walk during your grad but want to? Just have something you want to celebrate? Cross the stage at Queer Prom and celebrate with us!

Stage Walk

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  • Sign Up to Walk the Stage at Queer Prom

    Anyone interested in walking the stage please sign up using this form, or at the admissions table at Queer Prom.
  • (doesn't have to be your 'legal' name, use whatever name you like)
  • Give us the best method to contact you!

You can vote for the song we’ll use on the Main page! 

* If you can’t swing the admission fee, just drop us a line to work out still attending: contact sheena@youthproject.ns.ca or call 902-429-5429.